At A2Z Cellular, we encounter a lot of smartphone users in the Ottawa region, mostly users of iPhones & Samsung devices. And the devices they bring in are usually for broken screens, or dead motherboards or some other cell common cell phone problem, and we usually go ahead with the repair they request after running a diagnostic. There are however cases where a used phone will make more sense for the customers, and even for customers who are not necessarily looking for repair a cell phone. Here are some of the most salient reasons to buy a used phone.

  1. If you’ve lost your smartphone or may be someone has stolen it, it may make sense to buy yourself used cell phone.
  2. If you have a low end device and want to upgrade to a high end phone, you can acquire a used one for a low price and avoid renewing your contract with a service provider
  3. Sometimes repairing your current broken or non-working device does not make sense money-wise and device-wise. Depending on how old your device is, it may be better to simple buy yourself a used smartphone.

At A2Z Cellular, we sell new and used cell phones. Our smartphone stock ranges from Apple iPhones, Samsung Phones, HTC, LG, Motorola and much more. If you are looking to buy a used phone in Ottawa, come and see downtown Ottawa. We are located at the corner of Rideau & Dalhousie Street.

A2Z Cellular Repair Solutions

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