If you own an iPhone, congratulations! In our opinion the iPhone is still one of the best ever smartphones to be made. If you are looking to upgrade, or may be buy an iPhone for the first time, this article will give you some guidance on what you should consider before splurging some dollars on the latest iPhone.

We recommends the iPhone 6 and up, mostly for hardware reasons. Older models of the iPhone have relatively old hardware which will not work well with the latest advancements in technology and support for the latest applications that make use of new innovations in hardware.

There are several very important questions to buying an iPhone. We list some of them here:

  1. What will I be using the iPhone for?
  2. Do I need the latest features in the iPhone or can I settle for an older model?
  3. Should I buy the newest version outright or through upgrade program?
  4. Can I get an older model free through my service provider?
  5. Are there second hand options available.

What will I be using the iPhone for?

iPhone have revolutionized mobile communication beyond phone functionality to encompass and broader set of functionalities. If you are the type of person who just needs a phone for calling a texting, spending money on an iPhone when you have a tight budget may not be a good idea. But if you consume web content, send and receive emails, love high quality pictures without any professional photography skills, then an iPhone is the perfect candidate solution for you. It is all about what functionality you desire, and what you will be using your device for. iPhones are more than a phone, they are personal digital assistants, connecting you to information, friends, business and co-workers in more ways than one. If you love gaming on the go, buying an iPhone would be advisable.


Do I need the latest features?

Most people, when they hear of the newest iPhone, they go rushing in to buy it, may be because of the new design, or because of how light the new device is. Some people view the iPhone as a fashion accessory, and this question is really not for those people. This is about whether you should buy a new iPhone or upgrade. Apart from new design aesthetics, you have to kind of get and idea of what the new features are, and what the differences with you current device are, before your buy a new iPhone. Though you see new releases every year, the technology and use cases do not change fundamentally, and sometimes releases of iPhones are different only around the edges. It may just be a large screen, or a faster processor, improvements in memory size, but if you don’t need more memory or any of these new things, then you may want to just stick to your old device.


Should you buy outright or upgrade?

If you don’t like contracts buy outright, but if you don’t mind contracts with service providers, don’t buy outright, and pay for it overtime. The big companies can carry the load of herding against the future, so pay them overtime instead and keep a little bit of your money for now, if you don’t mind contracts!

Can I get an older model free through my service provider?

Again, if you don’t mind contracts, and have decided to go with an older model, check with your services provider. They may be offering the older models for free(not as in free beer), but as in, extending your contract for one year or something like that.

Are there second hand options available?

iPhones are very expensive, and they often break and have problems. It may sound counterintuitive, but a second hand device if it has all the functionality that you desire. You will save a ton of money, and still get the best functionality there is. After all, the experience on the iPhone is really felt through the apps and the operating system, not so much the hardware, so as long as it supports the latest software, you can buy it.